The Select Hockey program gives our more skilled players the opportunity to play competitive hockey against other organizations.

Over the last few years, George Bell has had a very successful select program. In each division, the organization generally fields two - four select teams. One team is typically a very competitive Tier 1 team, and the others play in one of the lower tiers. George Bell has become known as one of the top select programs in the GTA with some of the city’s top players coming from the organization. 2019-2020,  GBHA fielded more than 30 teams (with multiple teams in each age group).

Select hockey can be an incredibly rewarding experience for your child and your family. Not only is it a great hockey experience, but it is also a great life experience. The players, parents, and even siblings often develop friendships that can last a lifetime.




There are additional costs to play on a Select team.  For example Jerseys, Games, Tournaments, Extra training, etc.