The George Bell Hockey Association prides itself on providing a safe and fun hockey experience for players, families, and officials. In fact, it is the responsibility of this entire George Bell community to ensure this remains so.

For a hockey association the size of George Bell (second largest House League program in Toronto), it is a credit to that community that we have so few complaints that require escalation.

Having said that, we want to ensure all GBHA community members are aware of our process should there be any concerns that need to be voiced. This process is as follows:

Step 1. Parent should voice their concern to their Coach first. GBHA coaches should have the context and understanding to address most concerns.

Step 2. If concern cannot be resolved at Step 1, then either Coach or Parent can escalate the concern to the General Manager, John Bell. The General Manager is fully aware of all GBHA Policies and should be able to address the concern in a timely and objective manner.

Step 3. If concern cannot be resolved at Step 2, then either GM, Coach, or Parent can submit the concern in writing to the GBHA Compliance Committee.

The Compliance committee consists of at least 3 members of the Board of Directors, and is chaired by Shawn O’Connor. Please submit the concern in writing to, and be sure to describe the experience at both Steps 1 and 2 to ensure these were adequately explored.

The Compliance Committee will meet to deliberate on the concern, and may, at its discretion, meet with complainant and/or other stakeholders. The Compliance Committee’s ruling will be deemed to be final with no further appeal or escalation possible.